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   Buoy 10 salmon season in Astoria is going to be good - reserve your dates today

Welcome to our Salmon fishing in Oregon tips and tricks page. In this section you will find information from Professional Oregon Salmon Fishing Guide Dennis Hull on all of the aspects of successful Salmon fishing in Oregon including Columbia river salmon fishing, Willamette river salmon fishing both in Portland Oregon, Tillamook bay fall chinook salmon fishing, Siletz river fall king salmon, Yaquina bay and river, buoy 10 silver and king salmon fishing  Alsea river, Nehalem river, We will cover the rods, reels, baits, lures, fish  run timing and fishing techniques on popular salmon fishing rivers and bays in Oregon, Washington, and around the Pacific Northwest. Click on the links at the top right of this page to view the salmon fishing tips and tricks.

     If your looking for guided salmon fishing we can help, salmon fishing is what we do. We offer spring Chinook salmon fishing on the Columbia River and Willamette River. Summer king salmon on the Columbia, Fall Chinook and Coho salmon fishing on the many rivers and bays along the Oregon coast. We would be happy to be your guide for some of Oregon's best salmon fishing action. Give us a call today.



Spring salmon fishing - Columbia River - Willamette River - Mar - June
Columbia River Summer Chinook salmon fishing - June - July
Buoy 10 salmon fishing in Astoria Oregon - August - Sept
Columbia River Fall King Salmon - late August - October
Tillamook Bay, Siletz River, Yaquina River salmon fishing August - November

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